We hear this often that people are wanting to be in a career that is in some way a service to others and one that they can feel proud of being involved in.

Maybe they have thoughts of being a or personal career, medical professional or even a missionary come to mind, which is all very worthwhile and respected jobs.

However, it’s fair to say that not everyone is cut out to do these jobs but for the RIGHT PEOPLE the fit is like a hand in a glove, it just feels right.

You’re MEANT to help others.

That is very much like being a REFUND EXPERT, it’s true this profession is not for everyone, but if you have the correct requirements and necessary aptitude then the feeling of being a refund expert is like, “This is what I was always meant to do”

I was meant to HELP others…

If service to others is something that is important to you, then you should do yourself a big favor and find out more about how to become a REFUND EXPERT

You literally assist people to reunite with their (rightfully owned) money…it’s as about, as close to living Christmas, every single day and…your Santa.

But is this sale???

For anyone out there who thinks this is a standard SALES type job… well think again, (this is giving people back their money) does that sound like sales to you?

If I called you up and said “Hi it’s me from Create, listen, you most likely don’t know this but you have $3,000 of your own money just waiting to be collected, oh and by the way here’s a question for you. I can help you get that back, quickly and easily, would you like to know more?

Would you, say…”NO that’s all right, I’ll just let that go”

Seriously does, that sound like any sales offer you have ever heard of?

As a REFUND EXPERT this is exactly what you’re doing (fixing people’s pain points) it’s… fun, profitable, and well respected.

What, do you, do next?

Find out if this is (or isn’t for you)

Just call CREATE BUSINESS have a quick chat and ask questions and get answers, about how you become a refund expert (in 2022) please contact us at 1800 617 111