Work From Home Business

From Struggle To Success, My Journey

,,, Our CEO Started out as a Once-Flat-Broke Mother Of Three, Who Stumbled Across A Little-Known ‘Secret Business’  that was totally unknown- That Business  Made Her Wealthy whilst Working from Home. One That You Can Start Too For Very Little!!  Read it in her own words below….

At the start of my journey, before I decided to tell my story, I answered a lot of ‘opportunity ads’ trying to find the perfect Work From Home solution.
I wanted to investigate what was out there for people like me who wanted to be their own boss and have a life work balance.
Well, I’ve got to tell you, what I discovered shocked me.

You see, most of what I got back was just plain silly. I mean, how gullible do these people think I am? I got information on making millions on the Internet. Multi-Level Marketing companies sent me on wild goose chase and told me how easy it was to make a million a year.

Gurus told me how they were going to set me up in my own business and how I’ll be making at least $30,000 a month! (Does this sound familiar?)… the truth is I would of gone along with it, if only it was remotely genuine. 





You know, I was encouraged by all this drivel that I received. 

Because I realized just how valuable my business really was. It encouraged me to trust my gut.

Before I tell you exactly how you can cash in with this ‘secret work from home business’,

I want to make it clear what this business is NOT.


NOT Multi-Level Marketing where you try to flogover-priced products to your friends, family, workmates and neighbours.

NOT another “how-to course” or pile of books and tapes that get you all revved up with nowhere to go … or worse, gather dust on a shelf.

NOT a “regular business” with BIG overheads and BIG headaches.

NOT some Internet get-rich-quick-scheme.

NOT another Mail Order scam where you get to buy “reprint rights” to outdated american books that nobody wants.


It started when I was on maternity leave. The days were flying by and the thought of returning to work was making me ill.

You see, I wanted this time with my baby. Put simply, I was desperate to stay at home with my newborn child and not go back to my former job. I was still feeling a bit guilty about my first child … and how after a few short months, just when he needed me the most, I had to return to work to pay the bills. I was determined that this wasn’t going to happen with my second child. I didn’t know how I was going to do it. All I knew was I wasn’t going back. I just had to find a way I could stay at home and still bring in the money … there just had to be a way.

A chance story on a TV programme started my journey

And then it hit me.

Call it fate; call it destiny, maybe even karma, whatever it was, it didn’t matter … all I knew was THIS WAS IT! Sitting down one night watching TV up popped the opportunity I had been waiting for.

The show was all about Lost Funds and how this mob was getting paid to track down people willing to share the bounty. These guys found the money, returned it to the rightful owner, and took a cut of the money found! Just brilliant! And the best part is that everybody is happy. The client received money she wasn’t aware of and the business was happy because they were making money. Every one wins! But it seemed to me that relying on just one sector like these guys were, made this a risky business.

I don’t know where it came from, but I had this feeling, this total conviction that I could do even better.


I soon discovered this opportunity was even BIGGER than I imagined.

There is a whole heap of money just waiting to be found. Money that is just sitting there waiting to be grabbed. And if it isn’t, guess what happens? Yep … it gets handed straight over to the government! I had to put a stop to this. And I had to find out exactly what kind of money were out there … where it was hidden … and I had to find out who this money belonged to. And what I discovered completely amazed me!

It’s like going on a treasure hunt… but instead of having just one map, you’ve got dozens!

There’s money everywhere (if you know where to look)! For example, did you know that…

Hundreds of Billions of dollars, is sitting in ‘the system’ just waiting refund. In America alone the figure is 65 Billion. Since 1972 this one organisation has paid about hundreds of millions of dollars of refundable money to trust authorities. There is an organisation that holds money from Share Dividends, Rent and Bonds, Wages and Tattersalls prizes. And what’s even better for us, this office handed over $60,000,000 last year to the trust authority!

That’s a whole lotta money! Official government reports reveal only 2-3% of the fund owners ever recover their money …a whopping 98% just sits there waiting! The Numbers Are Simply Mind Boggling! It’s a Billion Dollar Industry, Just Waiting To Be Discovered!

I thought if I could just find a fraction of this money I could be RICH!

How hard could that be?

My blood was up. Here was my escape route from the dreaded nine-to-five. This was my ticket to freedom! So what did I do? I decided to start my own Refund Specialist Business, I just dove straight in and started swimming (or floundering as it turned out to be).

You see, the more I dug, the better it got and the bigger my grin was getting. I had hit the JACKPOT; the mother load … all I had to do was fill in the gaps. (Little did I realise what was ahead).

The People “In The Know” don’t want to share their secrets!

“Well duh,” you might say. “Of course they’re not going to tell you their secrets.”

And you’re right. But just remember I was a greenhorn back then … trying to figure it all out for myself…. I just had this naïve thought that maybe, just maybe they’ll want to play fair and share all the juicy secrets with me. I was willing to pay anything for their help…. How wrong I was!

Look, there aren’t too many people who specialise in Refunding, And those that do aren’t going to sit you down and spill the beans. (But I am)! Just doesn’t work that way. (I soon figured this out). They’ve been doing this for years “on the quiet.” Naturally they don’t want any publicity. I mean if this got out to the public…?

Anyway, so I took a few wrong turns and hit a lot of dead-ends along the way. My learning curve was a long one. Just ‘filling in the gaps’ took me a full year. And I’ve got to admit, the first twelve months I struggled getting all the bugs out and getting my systems in place. But I was making some money and I was determined to succeed. After that, it was child’s play. I knew what to look for and I knew where to find it. That’s when it got easy.

I’d slip on my detective’s hat, fire up my computer, and my search begins.

Within minutes I was finding the money … lots of it!


This business gave me time to stay at home with my children and work only the hours that suited me. And I didn’t need to leave my house to make an income.
Just a little bit of detective work was all that was required and I had made my money.

And when I say work I don’t mean slugging it out on the nine-to-five bandwagon. This is a work from home business… It means getting on my laptop, making some calls, sending a few emails, then following process before banking the cash.  

Work I conducted by my pool, on my swing chair or while travelling the world with my three little boys..

Once I had all the bugs ironed out and I had my systems in place, it was dead easy.

I find the money…
I find the person who it belongs to…
And I take a cut (usually 20%) of the stake.
It’s that easy when you know the secrets!

And the Best part?

It’s the FREEDOM. I worked a max of 25 hours per week, at times that suited me on any given day!



I have all that time with my children. By discovering this ‘secret business’ I got to share those precious moments with my sons, got to be there as they took his first steps … I was there when they said “Mummy”  the first time. And I had the freedom to take them to 42 countries… while running my business on my phone, nomad style!

And I can’t tell you just how good that feels! That was ‘ The Dream’

With my success in this business ( I started out in this business with $273 in the bank… I woke up 7.5 years later with a networth of $9 million and I was a stay home mumpreneur:).  At that point I  I had two options, to grow it bigger, get staff, have offices, or to look at another way….. Sitting by the pool to work on sunny days, having freedom to do all the things that are really important to me is priceless- so there was NO WAY I was willing to change my lifestyle business. NO WAY was I selling out on that freedom….. that decision has resulted in the ‘GOLDEN Opportunity Being Presented To You Here Today’!, You see….


You get the Refund Specialist system, 24/7 chat support and every single document you need so you can cash-in BIG with this incredible $98 Billion dollar, RECESSION PROOF niche business.

                                                                              A business system that took me from a networth of $273 to $9 Million dollars inside of 7 1/2 years.

                                                                                                                                     Thats the VALUE on offer.