How To Start Your Own Business

How Did I Start My Own Business

A few years back, I never would have thought I would have this lifestyle. I was in St Tropez just a few months ago, sipping delicious cocktails under the sun and enjoying precious time with my family. After that, we went to our lovely cottage in the South Pacific to relax, eat the most delicious seafood and drink fresh squeezed juices under palm trees.


I started a The Refund business from scratch. Within 3 months I was in profit, and within 12 months I was doing so well I bought my family a lovely Californian bungalow in an upper crust suburb.

That business bankrolled an amazing lifestyle, and unlike the typical greedy business owners I modeled my success in a training & business launch system ( The Refund Specialist System) and helped others achieve similar success!

Today we offer exceptional starting conditions. Our program allows you to start with very low overheads and a starting cost under $10,000 to reduce your financial exposure when entering this business. We understand that starting a portable business and turning your life around can be scary.

Once you get started, you will discover a fast-growing and exciting niche that remains little known to this day, which gives you a wide range of business and self-growth opportunities. You will be your own boss. You will decide how far you will expand your freedom business.

While the starting costs are low, you will soon find that the refund business is a lucrative business with low competition and great profit centers.

Most people start their own business by investing in the most competitive niches. Well, except if you’re a genius, it won’t work.

That’s why over 80% of start-up companies fail. Here, you have the opportunity to build your own home business locally or at a global level in a marketplace that is not cluttered, Thats protected by legistlation, and has next to no overheads to speak of… Because of that, you will be able to earn a six-figure income in just a few months, mitigating all traditional business risks.

 You will be able to work from anywhere, as this is a fully virtual and portable business.

We have the chance to live in a fast, hyper-connected world. Anything we want is a few clicks away. So why not take advantage of it? Why stay at a meaningless job that often leaves you frustrated?

Here at Create, we have developed business tools and vehicles to allow our customers to live and enjoy life to their fullest. Our team has been focusing on the concept of a portable business for the past two+ decades.

By using technology, we can ensure that you keep on growing your Refund business, whether you do it from white sand beaches in the Caribbean or your balcony… it comes with you as you do life!

I always treasure these moments, refunding while travelling with my three kids to 42 countries..  These are wonderful experiences that YOU should be able to enjoy too while earning a great living. This is the freedom allowed to us by technology.

But for many people, holidays can be a synonym of anxiety. While they should be about spending time with your loved ones, it ends up being a time of financial stress. How can I afford to take time off and afford to take my family on vacation this year they ask themselves? What can we afford to spend?

Well, I used to be just like you. In my old life, I had to literally count every cent that came my way. Perhaps it would have been worth it if I had absolutely loved my job. But I didn’t. I woke up every morning before dawn and worked overtime for a meager salary. My weekends were spent filling out tax returns and setting up repayment plans for my loans or paying the bills.

I couldn’t spend enough time with my children. It wasn’t fulfilling despite having done everything society dictates one should do to make it in life. I went to university, got a good job, had a mortgage and was miserable!

I then made the riskiest, most difficult decision ever. I decided to believe in ME. I was done with the 10 hour work days, the 2 weeks of annual holidays, the under-appreciation. I was over it!

I started my very own business. I’ve always wanted to be self-employed. I wanted to do something I truly loved and, most of all, because I wanted freedom.

I started my own Refund Specialist business  23+ years ago after researching quite a few different opportunities and finding them all lacking  I created my own. 

We weren’t born to just pay our bills and take on loans. We are all meant for more.


We genuinely hope we can help you get where you want to be…don’t get the wrong idea, it does take work. You have to really want it and be serious about it. But if you invest your money, time and your abilities in it, it will be worth well worth it.


So, what are you waiting for? What is it that you are afraid of?

This is all up to YOU :). You can take life by the ears and turn your life around, you will achieve your dreams!  YES, it takes courage, work, and confidence. But you won’t be alone on that journey!

You know that feeling deep down inside your head telling you that you are living your life tied down by social norms that do not serve YOU? That voice doesn’t go away, it wants you to live your best life ever, so have faith in yourself and bank on YOU!

What we are offering is more than just extra income. It’s A Life of FREEDOM. A life lived on your own terms.

Some people just talk and some people do. I am a doer. You can become one too by filling out our order form and start your own business that is 100% portable. The amazing Create Business team will help you every step of the way.

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