The Refund Specialist System

The Refund Specialist System


The Refund Industry in Australia is estimated to hold $23.7 Billion Dollars at present & $98 Billion across 5 jurisdictions in which we operate sitting in trust, waiting for its rightful owners to step forward and claim it. Regrettably most people do not know of these missing funds and require assistance in claiming it back. It is estimated that 1/3 Australians, New Zealanders & Americans currently have money owing to them and without the assistance of a consultant, would unlikely ever receive a refund of their monies.


The Model

Our Refund Specialists position themselves as a 3rd party agents, connecting individuals with their lost funds and undertaking the legal process of the refund lodgement. They seek and assist clients with their refund process and take a commission of the amount returned in exchange for their service.


The process can be simplified into 3 easy steps:
1. Find the person with lost money
2. Return the monies owing
3. Receive the agreed upon commission


A Scale-able Business

Scalable Business

You will find that many other western and commonwealth nations who operate under British law have the same process and also experience the same problem with billions of dollars often left owing to individuals without their knowledge. Countries like New Zealand, The USA (the largest market in the world) and the UK experience an enormous amount of money go missing every year. We educate our customers in how to scale their established business to take advantage of markets even beyond Australia to take advantage of a global economy.

Create Business

an established name in the industry

An Established Name In The Industry

Create Business Pty Ltd has been in operation since 1999 and has been operating and training agents in the industry for just on 23 years now. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have trained 95% of all specialists in the Refund Specialist industry today.


Licensed Information

Our business program information is intellectual property in nature is licenced to the individual to assist in their launch of their own refund specialist business. The asset and income set up by our clients is entirely theirs.

initialThe Refund Specialist Business

What the program covers

Our program is all encompassing and focuses deeply on all important areas associated with refund specialist.


Clients can expect to acquire knowledge relating to but not limited to:

  • Dealing with Trust Authorities
  • Developing strong skip tracing skills and techniques
  • Successful customer acquisition
  • Refund Specialist Business Planning
  • And much more


Training Support

We include 12 months of hands on training with our support team to assist in our client’s launch and with claim assistance. Our trainers have degrees in adult education and business training so our clients receive top of the range education and support.


Additional Resources

Clients receive a range of additional resources and tools necessary for Refund Specialists such as access to our specialist library, online step by step tutorials for training procedures, as well as direct access to our online support platform with over 1000 answered questions.


Additional Cost

Aside from the small license fee, very little additional costs associated with this business besides the registering of an ABN and business trading name. (By law, businesses in Australia must have a registered ABN and trading name. We also assist in helping clients choose an appropriate name.)

Marketing Costs

What the Business System covers

The business model is unique due to low overheads( 2-3% overheads versus 70-80% overheads in most other business models)-, there is no marketing or client acquisition cost in this business, because of the nature of our chosen model our clients are able to save up to 30% of their business profits by eliminating customer acquisition costs. Clients are selected based on the amount they have owing, clients can chose the clients they wish to work with from a range of online databases containing lists of people with money owing. Our program covers where to find these lists and how to utilize them effectively.