The Refund Specialist System ™

Some of our refund experts (like ex-builder Greg) have made $2,000 in just 1 hour, others like (Reg a 74-year-old) at the time achieved a refund cheque for his client that was $482,829.25 so you can just imagine how much the client’s respected his involvement in their lives.

This also meant Reg earned a massive $89,000 in refund fees (that he charged his client)

So yes, you could say that there is a very high level of (fun, profit, and respect) for our refund experts.

The key point here for these few examples, is they’re people just like you they didn’t know anything about the industry and they came from all types of diverse backgrounds.

  • Stay at home mother’s
  • Insurance agents
  • Builders
  • People just like you

Let’s take a look at an example of a more average refund amount that a refund expert client might work with, let say this amount is a ($3,000 return) and is made up from (lost and forgotten) superannuation, rental bond or old discarded bank accounts.

Six figures are possible

You charge your client a (20% refund fee) well that is $600 commission for each (and every) time you complete a refund, lets say you do that as in average every day and you’re working 5 days for 48 weeks that means you’ll make $144,000 per year. (so literally 6- figures)

This is just a simple example, however with 23.7 billion dollars sitting in
coffers here alone in Australia, you can see how for the educated, refund expert working in the sector, following the right course of action, the potential can add up very quickly.

The KEY here is getting the correct education (and tools) from the right people, to give you the very best opportunities and options to make a success in the Refund sector, because refunding is an honorable career- its a career of servitude to the greater community and getting paid (very handsomely) as a result!  

Because the whole system is a bit of a minefield for the unaware (which is exactly the real opportunity for the refund expert) just like a fully trained dentist, accountant, or any other person with expert knowledge, tools, and systems. 

That’s where The Refund Specialist System ™ comes in… There ain’t Nothin else like it:)!

People will happily pay (experts to fix painful problems and roadblocks) especially if that involves the return of monies to them, I mean wouldn’t you, if you were in that situation, that you knew there was rightful money owed to you, but (through no fault of your own doing) you couldn’t work out how to effectively get access to this, that would be painful and frustrating, to say the least.

As a REFUND SPECIALIST this is exactly what you’re doing (fixing people’s pain points) and it’s fair to say it’s… fun, profitable and respected. 

What, do you, do next?


Find out if this is (or isn’t for you)

Just call CREATE BUSINESS have a quick chat and ask questions and get answers, about how you to could become a refund professional please contact us via our website at or call us 1800 617 111