Setting up an online refund business sparks a common question: How soon will I start earning 5k or 10k a month? It’s a bit like starting a diet where you hope to lose a set amount of weight in a fixed time. But as many of us know, diets don’t always deliver as promised. Sometimes the weight doesn’t budge, or it comes back once you stop.
Similarly, earning in business is generally unpredictable. It may take time to build momentum, and success isn’t always linear. Just like with diets, persistence and adapting to challenges are key to achieving sustainable results.

But we believe the answer is actually like a formula he answer to this formula has 5 key parts, and I’ll break them down for you (in no particular order).

  1. Your Experience: If you’re new to working online or providing services as an independent business, your progress might be slower. It took me 9 months to get it right…. For others that initial learning curve can be shorter or longer. Our business training program, The Refund Specialist System condenses all I (and other successful Refunders) learned to speed up your progress, but gaining experience through doing is crucial. How much effort and time you put in is up to you.
  2. Your Capacity: In a service business alone, your income is limited by the time you have. Charging premium rates for premium work or building a skilled team can boost your earnings significantly.
  3. Your Circumstances: When I started, I was HUNGRY & UBER DETERMINED. I had a ‘ what ever it takes’ mentality… this allowed me to dedicate up to 16 hours a day to my business. Now, my time is different because I have many other commitments on my plate. Your circumstances heavily influence how much you can earn and how quickly.
  4. Your Beliefs: If you believe hard work is necessary for success, your efforts will reflect that. Shifting to a belief that work can be enjoyable might lead to quicker financial rewards.
  5. Your Health: Your well-being matters. Good nutrition, sleep, low stress, and exercise enhance creativity and productivity. A healthy lifestyle can significantly boost your earning potential.
    So, the formula is this: ‘Experience + Capacity + Circumstances + Beliefs + Health = Time to earn X per month’