Product TOS

The Refund Specialist System is for information purposes only without any representations or warranties, express or implied. Offered solely to provide the purchaser with information relating to the Refund business model, NO promises or guarantees have been made in relation to your likelihood of success in establishing this or any other business, no liability (in contract, tort or otherwise) is accepted by us for all loss or damage incurred by you.

Irrevocable commercial restriction; as the licensee of our company you, your associates, related parties / entities or third party agent(s) are restricted from selling, disclosing or teaching anything relating to Money Refund in any form for a period of 35 years from date of this agreement. A strict condition of purchase of The Refund Specialist System is that it is used solely to establish a Refund business for the purchaser and not for any other use; any other use of this business information is prohibited and attracts damages as set by our company.

You agree that in the instance of a payment default, that you are prohibited you from utilising any of the information contained in our business model and prohibited from practicing or conducting any refund business in any form. You are expected to keep the outlined Refund business concept, model and its operation confidential and not disclose any of its information to a third party, or other entity, person, except in the instance of a sale of your Refund business in the future, or statutory authorities as required only to completing the related tasks. You provide our company with irrevocable authority to debit all funds owed to us under this agreement. You indemnify our company, its owners for all costs or liability arising from your actions, or any future business operations.

The Refund Specialist System is intellectual property in nature and has a strict no refund policy. If you utilise our website services annual renewal for those services are applicable, Support Platform renewal fee of $47 is payable after the initial 12 months usage for continued access to the support platform and can be cancelled by written request at any time.

Any website renewals ( if applicable) are billed annually and notice is provided to your email, any payment default will void all support, services and any guarantees immediately, the balance outstanding will be payable in full immediately, 15% annual interest rate is incurred on all outstanding debt until payment, calculated daily. A debt outstanding for more than 7 days will be referred for recovery action. You as the licensee shall indemnify Create Business, its owners and related parties in full from any claim or liability including those arising from your business operations, for all costs & fees incurred by us in the recovery of funds owing to us, this may significantly increase the total balance payable. This contract is executed under the laws of the state of NSW. The offer of our products is solely on the basis of the conditions in this contract.