“It was about 22-years ago today that Sargent Pepper taught the band to play”, well not quite that was more like 50 years ago when John, Paul, George, and Ringo were singing that cool tune, and it made them a fortune. (again)

It’s fair to say that “Billions of dollars” have been spent by music lovers on Beatles songs over the 50 years.

And speaking of “22 years ago” that was literally how long ago, I discovered a very “hushed up secret” that is worth 10 times more than our singing friends have sold over their 50 years.

Now if you are like me, and didn’t have the raw talent to make music like the fab 4, you’ve most likely had to work doing a job to make money (or more to the point spend your TIME) which is infinitely much more valuable (the money comes and goes, time just goes)

480 mins per day YOU SPEND
Just so you know, every day you SPEND / LOSE another 480 mins per day (at 8hrs per working day) that’s 2,400 mins per week of your life, GONE forever WORKING for another person’s dream at whatever rate they tell you is fair for your LIFE???

I mean really, does that calculation sound like a plan to you???, because it sounds like a real tragedy to me…” one that we are determined to fix for everyday Australians”.

And just so you know there is an alternative, to this endless job rat-trap, in fact, it’s not so much an alternative as more like the POLAR OPPOSITE to what you’ve had to do until now!

This will not only change your income it will all most likely change your entire life, a big statement I know, but that is what our specialists keep on telling us.

Take Tony, for instance, a typical 68-Year-old pensioner who received just a tad over 52k dollars (do you know any pensioners earning that much?) in a refund fee income (from just one client) via a banking trust.

Or Anne a mature lady (working our business system part-time) who got 28k dollars from her client and my own personal best direct refund fee check was 68k dollars from a property trust.

What is the KEYWORD here…We are talking about ONE CLIENT and ONE REFUND FEE
Our specialists of course have multiple clients with multiple refund fees payable day in day out …so you can see how this can add up really FAST.

The Refund Specialist System ™  includes all the required elements, tips, tactics, education, manuals, systems and support you’ll ever need to be a successful refund expert with an earning capacity in the six-figures (of higher) within 12 months (depending on required criteria)

“At this stage”, we are only looking to see if you’re someone we could work with and it’s the same for you, it needs to be a match from both sides.

(If it’s not, that’s ok, no pressure, no hassle) we’ll just have a quick chat with you, if it’s not a fit, that’s ok too. But the most IMPORTANT THING FOR YOU is to find out for sure, one way or the other, so your not kicking yourself down the road, when you find out, that person (you know from a mutual friend) is now a refund expert earning big $$ and YOU had the chance at this BUT decided not to contact us.

If however YOU do Click / Call and it turns out that you are the right fit for us then I can confidently say that you will be laying the plans for “2022” (and many, many more ahead) will be exceptionally good AND quite different years (to what you’re used to now) for you and your family.

Find out if this is (or isn’t for you)

Call CREATE BUSINESS have a quick chat and ask questions and get answers about how you become a refund expert (in 2022) please contact us at 1800 617 111