“Dare to live your dream lifestyles!”

Lifestyle is EVERYTHING to me and I value my TIME more than anything else apart from my family and friends. I believe you only have one chance at this and it should be lived the way YOU decide. Not the way we are “TOLD” we should live it.

Those of you that know my story, know that for many years I got up at 5.30am every morning, waking up my baby only to commute from Bilgola Plateau in Sydney’s north to the inner west of Sydney (where my baby’s carer live) so I can drop him, before hopping on a train to get to my merciless “job” in the city by 8.30am only to have to do the whole thing again to be home at 7.45 each night….. often my baby is already asleep by the time we got home and I had just enough had enough to eat, shower and crash in bed exhausted by 10.30pm! ……

Now for years I believed I was a better person for persevering, that I had good “work ethics” for doing this, that I had a mortgage and had to be responsible, that I had no other options, etc, etc, etc……. sounds familiar??

Here’s what I think of that way of thinking now; “ WHAT A LOAD OF ROT!” The truth was, I was killing myself, neglecting my son and wasting the best years of my life in a lifeless existence…..I COULDN’T FACE THE TRUTH, BECAUSE THE TRUTH HURTS, AND THE TRUTH WAS WHAT I WAS DOING WAS 100% PURE SLAVERY.

The penny dropped for me 4 years later with baby number 2 was due, and I knew I simply could not sustain it all x 2- plus the guilt of knowing someone else has literally raised my precious first born drove me to seek an answer.

I came to a point of desperation, I started thinking who says you “Have to go to work”?

What law of nature requires that you go to school, work hard, work your way up and waste the BEST years of your life at some stinking job/office / company? Why do you have to make money in the way “THEY” say you have to make money? Why should you forfeit the only asset you have that’s worth anything YOUR TIME?

I mean why do you have to exchange your TIME and ENERGY for money based on some fake scale that “society” tells you are acceptable? Why are you paid by the hour, week, month? Why is TIME and HOW “HARD” you work correlated with how much you make? Who thought of this stupid system anyway?!! And who does it really serve?? (cause we know it ain’t serving YOU, right)?! Why not exchange your intelligence for money? Why not legally make MASSIVE amounts of money whenever and however you want to?

Suddenly, I was angry…. Angry about not being there to watch my older son grow, angry about work myself to the ground yet barely paying the bills every month, but mostly I was angry about being too scared to do anything about it. And since it became blatantly clear that no one was gonna save me anytime soon! I suddenly found that I had enough motivation to go out there and save myself!

I looked around at what business opportunities were out there, and they were Rubbish! Not most of them NO, all of them!! what I discovered shocked me. most of what I found was just plain silly. I mean, it was embarrassing….how gullible do these people think I am? “make money while you sleep” ummm, do you actually believe that? Nope!. Multi-Level Marketing companies disguised as genuine business opportunities, where you don’t find out it’s MLM until they’ve wasted your time silly….and Gurus selling 20 year old American information that WAS utter rubbish 20 years ago when it was written! Honestly, I found the whole exercise insulting. And I wouldn’t want their stuff if it were free.

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If I Was Going To Do This Then Why not start a business that is as close to perfect as possible?
I sat down and thought through what I wanted, what my definition of a perfect business was, this was my list;

I wanted a comfort of doing business anywhere or a laptop so I can be around my family and so we can travel freely.

I wanted a recession proof, economy proof business.

I wanted a hungry, captive market, so I didn’t have to work much to find my customers.

I wanted a business that did not require me to buy merchandise or sell a product.

I wanted a business with extremely low overheads, so that there is little to no risk involved.

I wanted a massive pie, a rich industry with only a few players.

I wanted my VERY own business where I control my income, and where I get to keep 100% of my profits, and where I can develop goodwill so I can sell it later for a lot of money.

That business was not in the market place, the business idea came to me by accident. But it ticked every single box on my perfect business list, several times!!

I chucked in my career and set about creating a business that I had never heard of before, there was no “how to guides” on this business, no teachers to assist me…. But, I was determined. You see it made perfect sense and the numbers more than added up- with nearly a trillion dollar industry with only a small number of sole operator businesses – I knew I had a chance!

The rest as they say is History…

And the BEST part is that anyone who follows this system can do it!

Today, I am living my dreams…. Literally. Now that’s all totally cool….but first you MUST understand that successful people get rich by being committed to their dreams. Did I work hard for it? You’d better believe it. Did I enjoy it? ABSOLTUELY! Still do!!
Working from home jobs.

Myriam: Doing Life On Her Own Terms….. here caught leaving her favourite “office”; which consists of a super comfy couch, her beloved dell laptop with wireless ‘everything’ at her finger tips…. Myriam says “ Today, my babies live a life of privilege; This is the life I wanted for myself and my family!”

Now any one that tells you that you don’t have to work for success is lying to you, and anyone that tells you that it’s not worth it is also lying to you!

So if you are just dreaming that’s nice, but if you are 100% committed, then you are on your way towards your dreams. I hope the Refund consulting business does as much for you as it has done for me. Get your complimentary report by giving us your information so we will immediately send you your complimentary report by clicking HERE