What is the Refund Business?

The Refund Specialist System™ delivers a cutting-edge business launch system that can give you the entry point to a Refund Business.

A refund business is a service whereby a refund professional works with a money owner ‘ the client’ and the Government Trust Authorities holding the said funds in order to process the refunds for funds owed to the client.

A Refund business helps people in the community as well as trust authorities in fulfilling their legislative obligations. Most Refund business professionals do not charge any upfront fees, they simply get a commission fee upon successful claim and refund. This makes it much easier on the money owner client, because there is no initial outlay in order to commence what is often an odious and detailed process that is often labor intensive. Refund Business professionals ensure people who are owed refunds receive them promptly, this is often in the best interests of everyone involved, and a win/ win situation.

The refund Business is a very little known but massive niche (in terms of monies on hand) of the financial sector that is overseen by  federal government trust authorities.

Essentially this sector is tasked with returning long loss (and often forgotten) monies like…

  • Superannuation
  • Bank accounts
  • Rental bonds

In Australia alone is worth 23.7 Billion dollars, this is the amount of lost money that is waiting to be reunited with its owners. Globally, it’s a $98 Billion dollar pie, and yes Create Business has an international education system for New Zealand based Refund Professional training & US based Refund Professionals- more on that later….

This money is destined to be returned to the rightful owners (in fact some of this money could be for you) you see how that makes you feel, when you read that, well that is exactly how others (as in the refund professional’s clients) feel as well, excited, and curious.

99.9% of us don’t know about this?

99.9% of most of us, don’t even know this exist, from time to time the government do run some marketing around the fact this money is sitting there just waiting for rightful owners to come and collect.

HOWEVER, like a lot of Government based sectors, that is easier said than done, it really is a bit of a minefield for the unaware and that is why that most people who, come across this, usually just give in, and the whole thing gets dumped in the TOO HARD basket.

Not because they don’t want the money, no, it’s just too, hard, too contrived and their money continues to stay right there, hence why there are billions just sitting there, waiting and waiting.  

Bright, astute people who can see this is an opportunity and understand what this really is, but (as outlined) due to the nature of the Refund sector you need guidance and education by people who…

  • Have successfully worked in the industry (we have for 23 years)
  • Who know exactly how to work the Refund system correctly  
  • Have all the professional tools and resources on hand
  • Can offer you guidance and support

Now is the most brilliant time in history to get into the industry, when everyone is looking for security and any additional funds/ money. (maybe even you)!

The Refund Specialist System™ delivers a cutting edge business launch system that can give you the business opportunity that would change your life forever!

What, do you, do next?

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