In Australia alone is worth 23.7 Billion dollars, this is the amount of lost money that is waiting to be reunited with Australians. Yes, I know this sounds like a crazy amount, but that is what it is.

To state the very obvious, the amount of money (and that is literally opportunities) for the educated refund expert is massive.

And all this forgotten money has a level of commission attached for the astute refund expert, most of our people charge between 10-30% so do some number crunching and you’ll quickly see that financial benefits can be very high indeed.

The massive money pool

The sheer scale of the (money pool) for the refund expert is enormous and the fact the government makes the whole process for (most people) quite difficult is also another huge bonus.

People (in general) just get frustrated and give up which again opens up opportunities for a person who knows how to navigate the waters and has all the right tools and processes to make the job become seamless and professional.

You know yourself, if you have a toothache, yes technically you could PULL that tooth out, but really, are you going to go through the whole painful exercise, or do you pay a professional, who can do the job, quickly and pain free.

Of course, you happily pay them, it’s exactly the same here, refund experts offer, quick and pain free experience for their clients.

The main reasons to become a REFUND EXPERT are…

  • Opportunity
  • Income
  • Lifestyle
  • Service to others
  • Security for your family

To name just a few…

What Can Get You There?

The Refund Specialist System™ of course! don’t know what that is? well best go to and read up on it!

This industry is ideal for bright, astute people who can see this is an opportunity and understand what this really is, but (as outlined) due to the nature of the system you need guidance and education by people who…

  • Have successfully worked in the industry
  • Who know how to work the system correctly  
  • Have all the professional tools and resources
  • Can offer you guidance and support

Now is the most brilliant time in history to get into the industry, when everyone is looking for security and any additional funds/ money. (maybe even you)

What, do you, do next?


Find out if this is (or isn’t for you)

Just call CREATE BUSINESS have a quick chat and ask questions and get answers, about how you could become a refund professional!  please contact us at 1800 617 111 or visit us on