Are Your Prospective Clients Engaging With You?

Have you found yourself in a position where you have made contact with some of your potential clients and had what you thought was a positive conversation with them where they showed genuine interest in your service, only to find that since that conversation and sending your information to them they have become non responsive?

This can of course be a frustrating situation as you have put in a great deal of effort to find these clients and worked up the courage to call them, however it is a great opportunity to reflect on your process and make the necessary changes to improve your client’s engagement.

Here are a few key areas to focus on.

Your Branding and Website – it is very common for your clients to want to find out more about your business once you have spoken to them, this is because there will be enough curiosity for them to want to investigate you and your service further.

In the Refunding Industry having an online presence is imperative, as you will not have much face to face contact with your clients your website and branding will of course become the face of your business.

This will greatly impact how your client perceives your service, does it give them the message that you are a legitimate professional service? Or does it make them feel uneasy about engaging with your service?

Your branding should provide consistency throughout starting with your logo, letterheads and your website, it should have a seamless continuity of your brand to allow your clients to recognize and become familiar with your business quickly.

Your website should be informative with enough content to educate your clients without giving it all away, it should be eye catching and it should have a professional presentation.

It is a good idea to have your testimonials or character references on there to help with credibility.

We do not recommend a one page landing page this often does not provide enough information nor does it speak to the credibility of your business.

Your website and branding is the biggest asset you can have for your Refunding Business and enough time, effort and investment should be given to it to make it service your business well and not disservice it.

Having your website and branding done for you by a professional development team is always going to ensure you have a successful brand for your business and removes the burden of this part of your set up from you.

Should you wish to discuss our website and branding services in greater detail please do respond to this email so we can arrange a complimentary consultation.

  • Your Follow Up Process – every business needs to have a follow up process in place, you can not simply wait till your clients come back to you.

Following up with your clients ensures you keep your conversation and service on their minds and allows you to build rapport with your clients.

We have provided a useful article on the importance of a follow up plan and how to structure your follow up on the support platform, be sure to read through this article and implement accordingly to your business.

  • Your Communication To Your Client – making sure you are communicating confidently with your client is important especially communicating in a way that is reflective of their communication style.

This is of course something that will come with time and practice to improve how confident you feel. However there is a lot you can prepare for upfront to get you started on the right foot.

Our Winning Phone Calls Resource provides a great guide to teach you the fundamentals of communicating effectively to suit your client, it also provides detailed scripts for different questions and scenarios you might face. There are audio sessions as part of this training to assist you in improving in this area of client contact.

To request more information on this resource do let me know.