Work-from-home sales position application

If you are looking for a full-time sales position working from home, I have a opportunity for you.

The industry is a multi-Billion dollar industry that is big in Australia, New Zealand, the US, UK and Canada, but very new and pioneer  in the US & Canada.  The company I am about to introduce to you has not done much in the US at all, and so the market is HUGE. There is also massive potential in Canada and the UK.

This is a commission-based position.

The programs you are selling are ranging between $5000 to $9000.

You get 10% of every sale and get paid monthly.

The company does ALL the advertising.

When leads come in, i.e. they opt-in to give their email address, spend time on the website, and get followed up on with emails, you are charged with contacting them by phone and closing them on the high-ticket offer.

The product is a BUSINESS IN A BOX type offer.

If you are interested, please apply by doing the following:

Study the website of the company to get an idea of the industry and what this is about. check out

Send a resume to [email protected] with details on your sales production record. Sales experience is a must.

Set up a Skype account and include your Skype ID in your resume so you can be contacted.

Record a video of yourself speaking to the camera to introduce yourself. Video no longer than 3 minutes. Say the following:

– Name
– Location
– Confirmation you can do this full-time 40 hours a week
– Talk about your experience in sales
– Why you think you would be a good fit for a commission sales position

Upload the video to YouTube (unlisted please), and include the link in your email to me.

In your email to me, make sure the following is included:

Attachment of your resume, with particular attention to your sales
production and experience.
Your Skype ID and phone number.
Link to your YouTube video.

fill out this disc assessment;

Email your assessment to me , my email: [email protected]

Once received, I will reach out to you for an initial interview.


  Phone: Call Us 1800 617 111 | Message Us Here:

Create Business Australia | ABN No 75102843345

Address: Suite 1A, Level 2
802 Pacific Highway
Gordon NSW, 2072